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There is nothing derogatory in referring to a person of the Catholic or Protestant faith as a Christian or a person of the Jewish faith, a Jew. In my personal interaction with American Jews, I have found genuine friendliness, kindness and generosity.

There is however, a contradiction. A very small number of American Jews who are the founders, owners or leaders of companies that generate tremendous wealth for themselves on Wall Street are using that money and subsequent power to promote anti-white, anti-Christian and anti-Catholic hate around the world through the use of media and public institutions such as museums.

This is no conspiracy theory. We all know what we have been seeing and feeling, watching on television, on computer monitors and phones, in newspapers and in society. Just recall the 2020 US Presidential election. The hate the media has been spewing is orchestrated as they produce the content, programming and disseminate the material to influence people both directly and indirectly. Targets and methods include the vilification of non-Jewish white people around the world, Christians, Catholics, the family, parents, the elderly, the unborn, the police, freedom of speech, riots, stoking racism, fueling violence, burning down Catholic churches and pregnancy centers, undermining democracy, lies, misinformation and manipulation. They amplify what serves their agenda and twist, ignore or remove from their coverage what does not.

This power and control of media extends to some companies copying and sabotaging small companies by hacking computers, cutting services and causing various impediments.

To reinforce the point that billionaire American Jews have sought to control as much as possible is their taking control of American museums with administrators choosing hand- picked board members with a similar agenda to influence culture at the highest level. They are attempting to alter the museum and render white artists irrelevant. The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC can be changed easily as this is their scheme. Remove all art by white European men or all men who are Christian and it will be transformed instantly from one of the world's greatest museums to a museum of mediocrity when compared to the great museums of Europe. To equate exhibiting the work of Christian artists with a violation of the separation of Church and State is an appalling mentality. Furthermore, separation of Church and State means just that. It does not mean eradication of Church.

If one searches online the biographical information of the American Jews behind this turmoil one will find that previously they were described as Jewish Billionaire's. Now that the social climate has changed negatively toward Jewish people the same biographies have been changed to American Billionaire's. Previously when they were vilifying white non-Jewish men they wanted to separate themselves. Now they are one of us. In one prominent businessman's biographical information it says philanthropist. A philanthropist to what groups? Is it arsonists that burn down cities and police stations, tear down statues and injure people with violence. Another distortion occurred on December 6, 2023 when a popular television channel headlined Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia with no mention of anti-Christian hatred. Of course not. They are one of the media companies behind pushing Christian hate. Moreover, who are they implying is behind the Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia? Do you see the manipulation that is pervasive with the media they control?

It is not Anti-Semitic to speak the truth and expose wrong-doing by Jews. What billionaire American Jews who control the media are saying is that they are beyond reproach and if you expose their destructive evil, you are Anti-Semitic. If this is not absurdity, nothing is. They want everyone to believe that Jews do no wrong.

The most compelling question is why do Jews who are American billionaires target and vilify white non-Jewish men. The answer may be found in the objectives of gaining more power for themselves and political party while undermining Christianity and the Catholic Church, with the goal of diminishing, weakening and destroying it. White non-Jewish men are their greatest opposition. Destroy the man and destroy the church. Don't be deceived by them. The most recent attack on Christianity has been going on since the 1970's with the removal of Christian symbols, images and words from society. Catholic Churches and schools continue to close from this ongoing assault.

Over two billion people on this planet are Christian, meaning that we believe in Jesus Christ. If a small percentage of us were to stop buying products and services from any company, the earnings of that company will be annihilated. A large percentage and the company will disappear. Don' think it can't or won't happen.


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