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The Elderly's Latest Blog Entry

There is Resistance
An account of our mother's hospital visit is recounted in the profile The Elderly that appears below.  Based on her experience at the hospital it is reasonable to ask the following questions.

Has hospital administration and management benefited financially with extra compensation when that hospital makes a diagnosis and provides treatment for a Covid patient?

Has hospital administration and management been incentivized financially and by who (what administration or management) to initiate Covid in a patient, provide treatment for weeks or months and potentially bring about that patient's death?  Would hospital administrators take it upon themselves to engage in something of this magnitude?

Are people admitted through hospital emergency rooms primarily the patients being subjected to this treatment, exposed to Covid and harmed at the hospital?

Other than the hospital system making monetary gain what other administrations and management benefit from the death of hospital patients aged 65 and older?

Has a precedent in this country been established that dictates that the elderly, infirmed and disabled should be eradicated along with their financial burden and cost to society?

Does this portend the future so that going to the hospital even for something minor can result in anyone being exterminated using various methods, under any designation, and that can be covered up?  Is the pre-meditated, initiated, executed death of the unknowing who seek medical help the equivalent of assisted suicide, euthanasia or anything else it is to be called?  Or is it murder?


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About The Elderly

The morning of 2/26/23 I brought my mother to Northwell Huntington Hospital Emergency Department because she was experiencing low blood pressure and feeling lightheaded. I am the sole caregiver for my mother 24/7. We checked my mother in at the front desk of the waiting room. Unlike previous visits she was shown directly to an ED room with a bed. We told the two registrars taking information manually that she was not vaccinated for Covid and had not been sick and the same was true for myself. She was set up to have her heart, blood pressure and oxygen monitored and a RN prepared her IV and took her blood. An ER doctor came in and we told him what my mother was experiencing. A nurse took urine and the doctor later told us that everything was fine with her blood. Shortly thereafter we were told her urine was fine also. My mother was given lunch that she chose from a menu. The doctor returned and asked how my mother was feeling, to which she replied that she still felt lightheaded. The doctor told her that he was going to release her but as she was still feeling lightheaded, could not. He told us that my mother should hydrate and wear compression stockings and that might help her feel better. THIS DOCTOR DID NOT HYDRATE HER or INSTRUCT A NURSE TO DO SO (WARNING #1). I asked the RN who had helped my mother earlier if anything could be done for her condition and he said no. I found out a short time later this RN went home sick (WARNING #2) and was replaced with another RN. A different doctor visited and inquired about the names of my mother's primary doctor, cardiologist and neurologist. This doctor told us that my mother should hydrate and wear compression stockings. NO ONE PUT COMPRESSION STOCKINGS ON HER AND THIS DOCTOR DID NOT HYDRATE HER OR INSTRUCT A NURSE TO DO SO (WARNING #3). That is two doctors, from whom I infer, that when she GOES HOME, she should hydrate and wear compression stockings. She was admitted to the hospital after about 6 hours in the emergency room.

My mother is brought to the last room at the end of a hallway in 3 East. Is it by design? I speak with her RN and another RN about how I can help my mother when I bring her home. They tell me to speak to the doctor, who I never see. A short time later this nurse I had just spoken to has whited out her last name and other information on her badge that I had made a mental note of (WARNING #4). There is an elderly roommate that is coughing. We are not wearing masks, but nurses entering the room do. My mother orders her dinner and I feed her to help her. I step out of the room and begin to walk down the hallway to use the restroom when the RN I had spoken to earlier charges at me yelling for me to put my mask on (WARNING #5). At about 8:00 I have to leave as visiting hours are over. I have been with my mother all day and SHE HAS NOT BEEN HYDRATED. VISITORS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO STAY WITH A PATIENT 24/7.

2/27/23 - I arrive a little after 11:00 (when I was told visiting hours begin) in the morning and my uncle follows. I ask my mother what has been happening and she tells me that blood has been taken two more times from her for a total of three times (WARNING #6). She had no water and she had to ask for it. SHE TELLS ME SHE HAS BEEN VISITED BY TWO MORE DOCTORS WHO TELL HER TO HYDRATE AND WEAR COMPRESSION STOCKINGS. 4 DIFFERENT DOCTORS HAVE NOW TOLD HER TO HYDRATE AND WEAR COMPRESSION STOCKINGS AND SHE STILL HAS NOT BEEN HYDRATED AND HAD COMPRESSION STOCKINGS PUT ON HER (WARNING #7). She tells me they want to give her a test for her heart the next morning. In mid 2022 a PA had told us during a visit, my mother's mind is sharp as a tack. I question a nurse about the diagnostic test and am told they are considering moving it up to tonight, although paperwork I had been given says that testing is conducted in the morning (WARNING #8). One of my brothers arrives and my uncle has to leave as only two people can visit at a time.

My mother, brother and I are discussing what has been going on when my brother overhears our mother's roommate say during a phone conversation that she was told she has Covid and came from a nursing home(WARNING #9). Our mother tells us that her roommate was coughing all night and the woman requested the heat be turned off. The woman had a fever. Our mother froze as she was the one next to the window and the heater(WARNING #10). Neither has been wearing a mask. My brother and I immediately proceed to the floor desk at the opposite end of the hallway, express our concern and our intention to remove our mother from the hospital and bring her home. We are now speaking to higher level nurses and managers who are trying to convince us to leave our mother in the hospital and that we will have to sign paperwork that it is against medical advice to remove her. One of them says it's too bad we overheard the woman say she has Covid (WARNING #11). At one point during our conversation, when one of the women is sitting behind the desk and looking at the computer monitor she tells us that our mother was hydrated in the emergency room. I emphatically tell her that I was with our mother all the time and she was never hydrated while in the emergency room and that someone was covering their ass (WARNING # 12). Are medical records being falsified? In the roughly 30 hours our mother has been in the hospital we have been repeatedly told to hydrate by doctors and our mother has never been hydrated by anyone at the hospital. When we ask if our mother can be moved into the hall to take her out of the room, we are told that this was not possible and they were waiting for housecleaning before our mother could be placed in another room. We were told housecleaning cleans rooms in order of request and not priority (WARNING # 13). As we are speaking to two of the women one of them slips away. Minutes later I tell my brother I'll return. I go to check on our mother and find that she has been moved out of the room she was in, to a room directly across the hall, the door of which had previously been closed both days. The room that our mother is now in is filthy and looked like it was being used for storage (WARNING #14). SHE NOW IS BEING HYDRATED WITH AN IV WHEN THEY KNOW WE ARE LEAVING (WARNING #15). The entire day my brother and I have not spoken to a doctor (WARNING #16).

It is not enough that our mother is 91 years old, has Parkinson's, diabetes, high and low blood pressure, and many other problems. Huntington Hospital places her next to a woman with Covid, dehydrates her and drains her blood to thicken it, placing more stress on her heart to damage her internal organs and bodily functions. This is done incrementally so that a family does not notice until it is too late. They keep visitors away for 15 hours a day so they can't be watched and that can prove detrimental. It is either incompetence, negligence or intentionally trying to harm the elderly and who knows how many other people for any reason. Is it because our mother was unvaccinated she was targeted? What about other hospitals across the USA? It is a betrayal of patients, families, friends and all outstanding doctors and nurses providing compassionate care. Has Northwell been conscripted and by what administration, agency, institute or association? If not directed and forced, why are multiple highly educated doctors and nurses who usually try to help people, doing this? It is a contradiction. Something is wrong and they wanted me to know it.


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