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About The Human Soul


My mother and I have never spoken of this to anyone before and I am prompted to do so now only because I have come to believe it is a disservice to God to not make it known.

18 years ago I had just come home when my mother called me to tell me something did not seem right with my grandmother. I immediately went to my grandmother's house to see them and told my mother that I wasn't sure, but that I thought she was dying. Neither of us had seen someone in the process of dying a natural death before. I kissed her and told her how much I loved her. She could not speak and when I held her hand, she squeezed mine. My mother later told me that when she held her mother's hand it was pushed away. For quite a few years late in her life my grandmother had mistakenly believed my mother had sought to exclude her, reinforced by what she was told by someone else. My mother was devoted in helping her despite being treated poorly. This was extremely painful for her as throughout most of their lives they had been very close.

Inexplicably, I told my mother that maybe we should leave the bedroom to allow her to sleep rather than stay with her. We went to the living room which is a short distance from the bedroom. We were sitting on the sofa in silence when I heard a short loud scream come from the direction of the bedroom. I asked my mother if she heard it, and she did not. I told my mother I thought she had died. We sat quietly for about 5 minutes before by mother said she was going to look in on her. My mother was not distraught, showed no emotion and was accepting. I thought to accompany her, but could not so I sat there reflecting on how close we had been when it occurred to me that my mother was gone for longer than I would have thought. Where I was sitting on the sofa I could not see the area down the short hallway by the bedroom. My mother walked back to the living room and her first words to me were that "smoke was coming out of her mother's body". I ran to see it, but saw only my grandmother face up in her bed as we had left her. I touched her hand and she was warm. I returned to the living room and told my mother that I didn't see any smoke but that I wish I had. My mother told me that she had "wanted to call out" to me, but could not as she "did not want to disturb anything". She later remembered saying to herself "where is he" as she wanted me to see it and I "seemed gone a long time". She told me that as she was about to enter the bedroom, she stood at the doorway "mesmerized", watching heavy white incense-like smoke rising from the chest area of her mother's body" and then "dwindling" above her. I asked her what she was thinking, and her reply was "I wasn't thinking". The doorway is about 8 feet from the foot of the bed. She told me she did not enter the bedroom as she was frightened, did not know what was happening and immediately returned to me in the living room. Knowing who my mother is as a person and the context of the experience it is inconceivable that my mother is lying about what she saw. If this white smoke was not my grandmother's Soul then what else could it be?

Not only did God make my grandmother's Soul visible for my mother, He made it visually understandable for her by giving it material, recognizable form. Patiently, God waited for my mother to approach the bedroom and either made her Soul visible just as she was about to enter the bedroom or God had suspended her Soul in time and space while we were sitting in the living room, waiting for her. God makes our Soul visible or invisible in the form He wills and our Soul does not automatically and instantly leave our body at death, but rather our Soul leaves our body when God chooses to remove it. God was giving my mother and her mother a healing, private, positive, supernatural experience for both of them before my grandmother left this earth.

The hand of God can be ephemeral, ethereal and transitory which is true of countless properties of the universe. What this mind-bending experience reveals is the all knowing mind of God, His awareness of every intricacy of our lives and His desire to intimately touch us.

Insight may be gained why God blessed my mother with experiencing this gift by looking at who she is. A loving, spiritual, loyal, devoted, forgiving, honest, trustworthy, selfless woman whose greatest joy in life was taking care of her family. Content in anonymity. With all she did for us she never complained and nothing was ever a burden.

What this experience also reveals is how little we know about God, Death, Resurrection, Heaven and the Soul. Most of what is conveyed orally or written is not based on waking observation through experience, but speculation and generalizations. If God wills that we should experience Himself and all He creates, while we are living and awake He can make it reality. Ultimately, we will only know what God permits us to know and see what God permits us to see, whether in life or death and it may be different for all of us.


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